Bingo is more than just a way to wager your money, it is a community where people can interact and enjoy a relaxing time at the Bingo Hall.

Typical Online Bingo Players

If someone was asked to describe a typical bingo player ten years ago, they’d probably think of an older lady in her seventies, who liked nothing better than to meet her friends down at the bingo hall one or two evenings a week.
Today, a typical bingo player is harder to describe, as the game’s transition online with sites like chitchat Bingo means that all kinds of people play bingo, at all times of the day or night!
So, who is it who’s playing bingo online? We’ve drawn up a few typical character sketches of the different kinds of people playing bingo – do any of them sound like you?

The frazzled mum – mums at home with young kids don’t get much free time where they can do something that’s just for them. Online bingo has provided an escape from the daily grind for young mums all over the world. When the kids are tucked up in bed, their mums can catch up with online friends in the bingo chat rooms and have a little ‘me time’ in the process.

Late night Frank – lots of people in their early twenties enjoy bingo, and many of them play after a night out with their friends. They get home too wired to go to sleep straightaway, so turn on the laptop and play a few games of bingo as a way to unwind and relax before heading to bed.

The commuter – it’s not just at home that you can enjoy the fun of online bingo. Many people download mobile bingo apps so that they can play bingo as they travel to and from work. Again it’s probably the simplicity of the game which is the main attraction here. They can zone out and forget the rest of the people on the bus or train as they lose themselves in the world of bingo for their journey.

Grandma  –  although the older ladies still love going down to their local bingo hall, that doesn’t mean to say that they’re not online too. Many older people play online bingo and find that it is a convenient way to play their favourite game. No need to go out in the cold or rain, or to worry about how they’re going to get to the bingo hall and back. They can have all the fun from the comfort of their own armchair!



  No Under Age Gambling Permitted, Players Must Be 18 Years or Older, Under Age Gambling is a Criminal Offence!

Last updated 6 June 2016


Typical Online Bingo Players