Online Gambling - Pros of gambling from the comfort of your own home.

Online Gambling - Pros of Online Gambling

No need to travel

You don't have to travel long distances, because you have the casino in your own home or office. Anyone with a personal computer (or Web TV) access to the Internet, and a credit card or internet card can play. ( South Africans don't need to worry about their car being stolen or being hijacked on the way to the casino! )

Better Payout Percentages

Online Casinos have better payouts than Land Casinos because they don't have as many expenses
Many online casinos now have their return to player rates audited by reputable accounting firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers

Games are delivered right to your computer screen in the comfort of your home or office, any time of the day or night. An Internet casino is always available, just a few steps away, including casinos for high rollers . You don't need to worry about driving home late or getting dressed up. You can even play in your pajamas and stumble off to bed after winning!

Compensation: Bonuses and Rewards Programs
One of the biggest Pros of online gambling is the wide availability of bonuses. It's easy to find online casinos giving new players up to $150 simply for making a first deposit , and some even offer free money up to as much as $35.00 free for downloading. They also offer loyalty reward programs and prizes

Practice for free
You can hardly find an online casino than cannot offer unlimited free play of their games. It gives you a great opportunity to learn how to play a particular game, or to familiarize yourself with the casino's game software.

Online casinos allow you to play your chosen game in private, without the distractions of a busy gaming room or the possibility of bumping into your boss when you are supposed to be working! And you never face the annoyance of not being able to play because the tables offering a minimum bet acceptable to you are full. Of course should you want to interact with others, you can do this provided you play at a multi-play casino, but otherwise it is just you and the dealer.

Concentration factor
It's always difficult to concentrate in a loud, bright and busy casino. If you want to play seriously and concentrate on your chosen game strategy there is no better way than to do it in the peace and quiet of your own home or office.

You control speed of play
Playing online allows you to completely control the speed of game play.

The biggest reason to gamble online as opposed to a Brick-and-Mortar casino is the payout percentage.

Some of the Best Online Casinos generally have a much higher payout percentage than traditional casinos.





Pros of Online Gambling