Playing Slots, Slot machines are sometimes called ONE-ARMED BANDITS, arising from the single handle used to operate the machines.

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Winner Casino has a huge selection of SlotsOnline Slot Machines are sometimes called ONE-ARMED BANDITS, arising from the single handle used to operate the machines, slot machines are by far the most popular form of casino gaming, asides from free video slots of course! The typical Las Vegas Strip casino will have literally thousands of these noisy, colorful fruit machine games promising jackpots ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars!

The first such mechanical gambling devices were simple novelties that did not return coins but presented gambling opportunities, such as toy horses that would race after a coin was inserted. Devices such as these, set on a bar in a saloon, promoted wagering between patrons.

By 1892 machines that paid off in coins were in existence, usually in the form of a circular display with a spinning indicator that came to rest or pointed to a number, color, or picture. Early in the 20th century the slot machine evolved into its present three- to five-reel form.


Symbols used in online slot machines are limited only by the ingenuity of the designer. Some commonly used symbols are fruits (cherries, plums, lemons etc.), bars, bells, stars and lucky 7s.

You can play slots by dropping one or more coins into a slot to activate from 3 to 5 reels marked with various symbols. The machine is activated by pulling on the large handle at the side of the machine or, in the case of modern electronic machines, pressing buttons on the front of the machine which set the wheels spinning.

The machine pays off by dropping coins into a trough at the bottom of the machine. The amount won depends on the amount wagered and the specific combination of symbols that line up when the spinning reels come to rest. The winning combinations can be found in a paytable displayed on the front of the machine.

Slot Strategy

The result of each spin of the wheels is determined by a computer program that generates random results. This is true for both online slots games and slot machines found in hotel casinos. The machines can easily be set by the casino to generate whatever payout they choose. For example, they may set it to 95%.

That means for every 100 dollars bet, the machine will, on average, pay out 95 dollars. The other five dollars goes to the casino and that's how they make their profit. Of course, that's just on average. It's possible, if Lady Luck is on your side, to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars with just one spin.

It's a common myth that slot machines are the worst gamble in a casino. The truth is that making bad bets at the craps table or blackjack table can give far worse odds than any slot machine. In fact, the odds you get when playing slots are similar to those for roulette.

Another commonly held belief is that a slot machine that just gave a big payout won't pay out again for a while. Actually, statistically speaking, the odds are the same for every spin and every spin is completely random and independent of all past spins.

So there's no way to predict the next spin and a jackpot is just as likely to be hit right after the last one was hit as it is after a thousand dry spins.

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Last Updated 18 July 2014