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Ditch the Daily Routine - Play Bingo

If you are stuck in the same old daily routine of working, cooking and sleeping, then you really need to do something completely different.

Of course, you are still going to have to go to work unless it’s the weekend or you take a day off to lay under the duvet, but when you come home try out a new recipe from your cookbook that is totally different and experiment with the various foods. This is a great start to adding variety and some changes in your daily routine.

Instead of loafing in front of the television when you have eaten, why not go for a walk instead and work off that great meal. You might discover some new places of natural beauty in your local area that you didn’t even know existed. Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog which will tie in a good deed with getting some exercise.  Try to avoid walking alone in deserted areas by asking a friend to join you.

Once you get in from your walk have a game of online Bingo instead of putting the TV on or watching a movie.
Playing online bingo is a fun alternative to watching TV and gives you the opportunity to make new friends in the live chat rooms whilst you play.

So what are you waiting for, make that change and try something different and you could win in more ways than one.



Last updated 6 June 2016


Ditch the daily routine - Play Bingo