Roulette is somewhat unique amongst modern table games in that it employs a mechanical device as the key element of the game.

Roulette Bonuses

Online Casino bonuses – roulette bonuses Finding good and lucrative online casino bonuses has pretty much become an integral part of being successful, or at least of wringing the best bang out of the buck in online gambling. Assessing online casino bonuses correctly is much more complicated than most beginners would believe.
For starters: though advertised as such, an online casino bonus is never free money. It is actually an investment on the part of the casino, aimed at retaining a new player for as long as possible. All bonuses are carefully engineered, to offer players value while generating even more value for the gambling operation. There are several types of online casino bonuses, all of which respect the above said goals and limitations.

Regardless of their type, online casino bonuses always have to be redeemed before they can be cashed out by the player. Don’t let the advertised size of the bonus fool you: more often than not, a fabulously large bonus is one spread over several deposits.

The size of the bonus is not an accurate measure of its quality anyway. The percentage match on your first deposit (in the case of match bonuses) is a bit more accurate an indicator, but the truly important information is in the redemption requirements (also called turn over, or play-through requirements in online gambling). These requirements are the ones that set the number of times you need to turn over your bonus, before you’re allowed to cash out, and yes, that often includes your actual deposit too: you can’t cash that out either without fulfilling the turn-over requirements, or without forfeiting your bonus.

An even trickier thing is that – although casinos rarely advertise this in upper-case lettering – not all games can be used for bonus redemption. It is often the case that only games with the highest house edge percentages qualify to this end. For a player who likes roulette, and who signs up to an online poker room to play roulette, it is obviously a serious setback to find out too late that he cannot redeem his sign-up bonus on the small wheel. This is why it’s extremely important that you read all the fine-print concerning your bonus before you actually commit money in an online casino.

The good news is, there are online casinos out there which do allow for bonus redemption on their roulette wheels. While bets like Red/Black or Odds/Even may still be restricted, all the other roulette bets usually qualify for bonus redemption at these sites. These casinos are usually few and far between, but provided you know where to look for them, you shouldn’t have trouble finding them.

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Roulette Bonuses