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What is Red Dog Poker?

Red Dog was originally a banking game where punters bet on whether any card in their hand would be the same suit as and higher than a card dealt from the deck.
Red Dog was a game that made its way to the US by trade ship.
When it was first introduced in the US it was called ‘In-Between’ and ‘Even-Then.’
In the 1930’s the game known as Red Dog which became a popular game in Las Vegas.

Tody in American Casinos Red Dog is a variation for the games called Acey-Deucey,
In Between and Yablon.  
Red Dog was also known by names such as High Card Pool, Slippery Sam, Shoot and Polish Red Dog (Stitch or Polski Pachuck). 

Red Dog Poker is a casino card game which is played on a table similar to blackjack with
two betting spots - Bet and Raise.
In this game a standard 52-card deck is used, only 3 cards are played per hand.
The game can be played from one up to eight decks.

Red Dog Poker became popular due to the simplicity of the game.
It is said ‘if you can remember the number 7 and know how to subtract, then you can play Red Dog’!

Red Dog Poker begins with you placing an opening bet and the dealer will deal 2 cards.
The aim is to bet on the likelihood that the rank of a third card is going to fall between the first two. If it does fall between, you win. If it doesn't, you lose, very simple!

Red Dog Poker Features

Red Dog Poker gives players the choice to decide how complex they want the game to be.
It is important to understand the payout structure and how it affects the game.
You should have 3 cards to match before a win is declared, usually this is consecutive but here you can select the pattern which is best suited to your strategy.
There are no other bets allowed for you to increase the win.
This is a built in protection mechanism that can impact on how you play the game.

Playing the Game

Before each hand of Red Dog is dealt, players must place a bet.
The dealer then places 2 cards on the table, face up.
If these 2 cards are of consecutive ranks – e.g.: a 10 and a Jack, or a 4 and a 5 – then the hand is a push, and the dealer deals out the next hand.
If the 2 cards are of the same rank, the dealer will deal a 3rd card.
If that card is also of the same rank, all players win 11-1 on their bets; otherwise all bets push.

In all other situations, the dealer announces the Spread between the two cards.
The Spread is the number of ranks that exist between the 2 cards.
For example, with a 4 and a 7 the spread is 2; fives and sixes are the only ranks between them.

At this point, the player can choose to raise their bet.
The player can also make a second bet equal or less to their original bet.
There is no penalty for not raising; it is entirely optional.
Once the player has made a decision the 3rd card is dealt face up.
If the card is outside the spread, you lose, if it’s within the spread, you receive a payout according to the spread payout table.

General Rules Of Red Dog Poker

The deck used to play the standard 52 cards, play with up to 8 decks.

The game plays out with only 3 cards at a time.
Aces are high and 2’s are low, the suit of a card is not relevant.

Players earn a payout according to the spread announced before the 3rd card is revealed.
If the third card does not fall in between the first two, the bet will be a loss.

No matter how many decks are used, the Red Dog player will only raise with a spread of 7 or better.

Payout Schedule
With a winning hand, opening bets will always be paid out at even money.
Raised bets are paid out based on the spread table as follows:

1-card   5 to 1
2-card   4 to 1
3-card   2 to 1
4-to-11-card    1 to 1 (even money)

In Red Dog, each additional deck added to the game decreases the house advantage by a few tenths of a percent. A standard one-deck game gives the casino an advantage of 3.15%.
At its best odds to the player with an eight-deck, the house edge cuts down to just 2.75%.
It is rare to find a game where adding decks and cards cuts into the house profit!

Red Dog Poker Tips
The best way to play is raise only when the spread favours you - that’s only when you have a spread of 7 cards or more (no matter how many decks used).

This is a fast paced game and it’s recommended to pace yourself by taking your time and deliberately play fewer hands per hour to make your bankroll last awhile.

The casino will not make Red Dog easy for players; try to find the loopholes to help improve your game.  The most important thing is to have a good strategy in place.
You will need to really concentrate on your initial bet; this game is all about making the right decisions at the right time.

A Little Bit About Red Dog Poker

Red Dog is a fast-paced game, is has been said that players can reach 100 hands per hour!
Because the game is so easy anyone can play, but keep in mind that it requires fast action.
This is the perfect game for players who wish to gamble but don’t have time or patience to learn all the complex strategies found in other games.

Last Updated 29 October 2017

Red Dog Poker